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Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #6 ~ Only Real
In terms of new London hype artists, Niall Galvin a.k.a. Only Real is one of my firm favourites and ones to watch over the next coming months - with Zoo Kid vibes and mouthwatering tracks (that’s a pun because his latest song was Cinnamon Toast do you get it). He’s been picked up by blogs far and wide and has been repped formally by Vice and This is Fake DIY. Ask around and people will tell you he’s a cool guy. As per, here’s ten songs he’s gathered together with some, interesting, writings to go with - complete with original spellings.
If you don’t follow him on twitter already then you should, rep real or go home.

Put It On by Big L
Imagine if you had made this tune in 1995 in New York, and you’re in a club in 1995 in New York and it comes on and everyone’s  just completely twisting it up pon the dance floor. Yee you would love it!

Girl Problems by Toro y Moi
“I’ll be fine in the morning when you leave I’l understand” fuckin sad line right there.

Worldwide by Royal Flush
This is the song they use in Keenan Milton’s tribute part in Girl Yeah Right, it’s really cool. Rest In Peace Keenan Milton.

M by The Cure
All this Cure era is obviously wunners.

Wreckonize by Smif n Wessun
Sick video and just a sick tune. I just clocked these two are next to each other, that was a coincidence…

My Heart by Smith Westerns
I was once listening to music in my room with someone and  we were hungover an delirious and hating on bare songs but then this came on and we were like ahh it’s kinda perfect….

Bed and Breakfast Man by Madness
I’ve recorded a version of this song somewhere I think.

Spik and Span by Gordons
Would quite like to have a nose bleed to this number.

Earth by MF Grimm
This guy is so interesting, he’s got his own DC graphic novel about his life. He’s done some unbelievable shit and he’s kind of an underground legend. He got in touch about one of my songs a while back, that was crazy and I liked it.

Redwood Tree by Van Morrison
Sounds like da sun rite?

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