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Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #4 ~ Childhood
London is home to some of the best in terms of new and upcoming musicians, and if you’re living in the capital (and have your finger firmly on the musical pulse), then the chances are pretty strong that you’ve had your finger on our next collaborators, Childhood, for quite some time. The London duo are riding the wave of discernible experimental indie acts who pull inspiration from smoking too much weed and watching too many skate videos (am I rite). Needless to say, Childhood are my favourite of them all, and are right on the edge of the radar right now. As always, they were asked to pick ten songs to form this compilation - instead they chose 6 each, stating; “As a bonus we fucked the rules of convention and did 6 songs each”. And with that I leave you with todays mixtape.
All music has been placed into a handy 8tracks playlist. See Below.

Ben’s hot 6 ~
The Noise of Carpet by Stereolab
I love this song because it incorporates everything I like about music. Melody, aggression, and cwazy sounds!

There Was a Time by Lazy Smoke
This song always makes me happy. OK!

On The Beach by Neil Young
This song comes from his most underrated album, ‘On the Beach’. It’s definitely my favourite album of his and one of my favourite albums of all-time. This song stands out for me because of its effortless flow, that captures happiness and sadness so cohesively. Plus it has 3 guitar solos!

Open by The Cure
The lyrics in this song are amazing. I think most people can identify with being repulsed by excess and socialising, so who better to share such a feeling with none of other than Robert Smith.

This is How We Walk on The Moon by Arthur Russell
I have a lot of respect for artists who explore all aspects of their personality. Arthur Russell was definitely someone who wasn’t afraid of doing this, and I think this song perfectly incorporates much his musical ambitions. Polyphonic African rhythms, a repetitive psychedelic pulse and a melodic sense that pays homage to his folk side.

Maybe it’s Better by Whorl
One of my favourite noise pop records. It’s easy to utilise this sound as a way of masking imperfections or melody. However Whorl are one of the few who use this sound as a way of revealing the simplicity and honesty of their music. This track perfectly sums this up and is one of the most infectious riffs I’ve ever heard.

Leo’s hot 6 ~
Miles Apart by A.R. Kane
These guys supposedly invented ‘dreampop’ but I don’t think I believe in the concept of dreampop, but I do wanna start a new band called ‘dream bros’, Ideally with members of viva brother. This song is amazing. Upbeat, joyful, and musta fucked with peoples heads when it came out cos it sounds as fresh today as it did in 1989.

Optimist High by Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen has been in Ariel Pink and Deerhoof in the past but now he’s on a solo mission, straight to centre of my heart. Captured Tracks can do no wrong in my eyes and his debuts gunna be a delight. I love the way this track builds. Best use of ‘ooo’s’ I’ve come across in recent months.

Apocalypse Dreams by Tame Impala
Kevin is a genius but actually every single member of Tame Impala is a genius. I’m so jealous of these guys. It took me 5 listens to understand what was actually happening in this number, but when I did I let out a sigh of relief and shed a tear. When it explodes I wanna crawl inside it.

Pancake by Swirlies
I first heard this song in a skateboarding video when I was maybe 14 but I think it changed my life for the better. Takes me back to when I landed the first 900 at the x games. The soundtracks of skate videos in 2005 knew what was going on.

Rainforest by Paul Hardcastle
This is my new alarm clock. It rouses me from slumber in a really aggressive way at first, but then those gentle chimes, and what I think are pan flutes, get me ready for the day with a spring in my step and a smile upon my face.

My Kind of Woman by Mac DeMarco
Mac is a new obsession of mine, his first E.P was great but this full length is gunna be something else if this track is anything to go by. I love those ever so slightly detuned guitars and Macs wearily romantic croon, it’s effortless and moving. He also is able to bring the creasefest in ways I haven’t seen before.

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