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Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #2 ~ Kendra a.k.a. Unadoptable

Tumblr has provided a platform worldwide for artists to showcase their talents and offerings, and for some it’s been a move which has thrown them head first into the spotlight; perhaps most one of the most benefited of teen illustrators is Kendra - the girl behind unadoptable. Her work’s been spotted by Urban Outfitters on their blog, and her drawings have thousands of notes and reblogs. We managed to steal her away from the drawing utensils, to compile us a mix of songs which have some form of that wonderful thing known as sentimental value. Enjoy!
All music has been placed into a handy 8tracks playlist. See below. 

I am the child of two music geeks. My parents met while my dad was working at a record store. Music is always playing at my house. Memories and music are intertwined. The tunes on this playlist are associated with good times.

On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz 
The summer of 2010 was dedicated to the Gorillaz. We had a family trip to go see the band. We wanted to see Mick Jones from the Clash, Little Dragon and the charming Damon Albarn.

Kick Push by Lupe Fiasco
I like songs that tell stories. This song has great narrative.

Oblivion by Grimes
As well as a musician, Grimes is a visual artist. She is such an inspiration to the artwork I create. For me, this song sounds very spiritual and whimsical.

Another Girl, Another Planet by The Only Ones
The perfect love song.

Blank Maps by Cold Specks 
This summer I saw Cold Specks playing at Hillside. I have a “soul-crush” on Specks.

If My Friends Could See Me Now from the musical Sweet Charity 
A few years ago, I went with my mom and sister to England. Each of us payed £10 to go see the musical Sweet Charity. We were up in the nose-bleed seats, but we had a fabulous time. When this song comes on it makes me want to put on a top hat and dance around.

1234 by Feist
I saw Feist in the waiting room at the vets with her two dogs.

These Days by Nico
I could spend all my days listing to the heavy-hearted tones of Nico.

My Generation by Patti Smith (live track from Horses)
When my parents visited New York in the late ’90s, my Mum told my Dad to go to the corner store and buy milk. I was a little baby at the time (with crazy hair) and my dad carried me in the sling. When he went into the store, and he saw Patti Smith. My Dad went up to Patti and said he was a big fan. She looked at my hair, patted my head and said I was cute.

Police and Thieves by The Clash 
It was hard to choose a song by the clash. I watched a great documentary by Don Letts called Westway to the World. In the documentary Letts talked about how the Clash were influenced by different forms of music, including reggae. This is a great political anthem.

xo Kendra!

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