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Hrtbrkr Mixtapes features online mixtapes from the known and famous from all walks of creativity and occupation - from musicians to models, artists to aristocrats.

Hrtbrkr Mixtape collaboration #8 ~ George Barnett
George Barnett is what you could consider a musical genius, a jack of all trades, a lothario of the musical genre(??) - he plays the drums, bass, guitar, piano, trumpet, keys, percussion, harmonica, and he can sing. All at 18.

His folky musings have been the source of wonder and woe for many, racked with emotion and meaning his material is being rated by many up and down the country. Whilst not yet a fully fledged household name he’s certainly getting close, and after just completing a UK tour we managed to get him to compile a mixtape for all you folky souls out there. He wrote loads (an essay of sorts); and as well as his ten standard tracks, even made us a list of songs which nearly made the cut. George really is a wonder.
All music has been placed into a handy 8tracks playlist - see below.

Lippy Kids by Elbow
I heard this track when it first came out. It seems to just grow out of the first note on the keyboard (which runs all the way through it). The choir add a gorgeous kind of air and grace to the already beautiful picked guitar in the choruses. Guy Garvey’s voice is as powerful as it is honest. A brilliant song.

Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes
This song is from their first self-titled album, which was the soundtrack of my summer in 2008 and every summer since. The album is one of my favourites and every song is masterfully crafted. Blue Ridge Mountains has a distinct sound - the piano and melodies are “I love you, I love you, oh brother of mine.”

Love Long Gone by DeYarmond Edison
A recent discovery for me. My friend Patrick, a songwriter himself, pointed me in the direction of the album this track is taken from, Silent Signs. It’s Justin Vernon’s band before they disbanded and he created Bon Iver. The actual production of the song is what I was initially attracted to. It’s a very open, honest sound - you can hear the room BREATHE, and his voice is just perfect for what else is happening around him musically. Since then, Vernon’s songs have taken a more experimental and (production-wise) unnatural approach, which I also love. Bon Iver’s self-titled album is something that took me some time to get into (I think I was put off by all the hype subsequent to its release - which, of course, was pure pig-headedness and is no valid reason to discredit a piece of art - I gave myself a good talking to). When I finally did immerse myself fully in Bon Iver I finally realised what it all meant. The only reason a track from that album isn’t on this list is because I would have to add the entire thing - such is the way the songs flow. Very talented band, very innovative music. DeYarmond Edison on the other hand, is simpler. And this is a simple, beautiful piece of music.

Phoenix by Elton John VS Pnau

Something to Talk About by Badly Drawn Boy
Something To Talk About is 10 years old now, and I can still remember seeing it at the end of the About A Boy film. The chords and the melody are comforting to me, they must harbour warm and happy memories from 2002. There is a sincerity and a child like happiness with everything Badly Drawn Boy does. An inspiration.

Undiscovered First by Feist
Again, this is a track that is taken from one of my favourite albums, Metals. It’s the album I discovered Feist through (I know, I know, 1234, whatever), and since scouring and overplaying her entire discography she is also one of my favourite artists. I had the pleasure of watching her perform at this years’ Green Man festival - she did not play this song, but she did perform with the all-female trio Mountain Man, who added a great deal in the way of backing vocals and stunning harmonies. I don’t know if they performed in the recorded version of this song (in the big choral bit at the end), but the effect is much the same. I can here crashing drums, distorted guitars, something being smashed in time with the snare, lots of women singing in unison, loudness, horns, noise, power. It’s brash in contrast to the beginning of the track, which starts off in an understated and whisper-quiet way, soft tambourine and the hint of a footstomp on a wood floor. The whole album is like this, dynamic and with depth. Like the DeYarmond Edison track, there’s a lot of space and you can really hear the room sing. Chilly Gonzales did a great job with playing a number of instruments on and co-producing this, and Leslie Feist is a true artist.

POWER by Kanye West
Hip hop has a way of saying a lot in a little amount of time. I began listening to Jay-Z around the American Gangster album - I didn’t understand a lot of what he was saying or his references, but it was probably as much about the beats and production that drew me to it at that time. I first listened to Kanye properly when he released 808s And Heartbreak. I had severed ties with someone who meant a great deal to me, and that album was like a soothing balm to the pain. Everything he said I related to, and it was one of those times where you hear a line and think; “That’s me…”, and then straight afterwards - another line, and then another, until I was convinced the album was about me. I soaked up information about how he rose to fame with first being a producer and being hired by Jay for the Dynasty album, eventually signing to Roc-A-Fella in 2003. Then I went back to his previous work and wore it out. By the time this particular song was released as the first single from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I was hooked and waiting for it. Nothing can encapsulate the excitement and confusion over hearing an artist completely change. For many, it’s disappointing. For me, it’s thrilling. First listening to POWER was like hearing a classic for the first time, like how I imagined it would have been to hear Let It Be or Stairway To Heaven when they were fresh and without years of being printed into our cultural wallpaper. The way Kanye has used such a diverse range of samples excites me now, but then I just marvelled at the hugeness of the drums and the anger he expressed so eloquently and succinctly. The title really does match the sound of this track. It is powerful. It’s an anthem. And it’s written in caps-lock.

Death and all His Friends by Coldplay
The album this song is from initially got me into Coldplay. It unlocked my mind and the thoughts I had about the band; I began listening to their entire discography and they immediately became favourites. This track is the last on the album (entitled Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends). It starts with a beautifully recorded piano which very much inspired me to begin writing more piano-led riffs and melodies in my own works, and it ends with a massive choral singalong which broadcasts, above all, a hopeful message. Like most of my musical heroes, Coldplay take a lot of stick from people too lazy to look in depth into before judging. Forget all your presuppositions. This song is the shit.

Motion Picture Soundtrack by Radiohead
Like I mentioned before, change in musical direction scares people. It thrills and electrifies others. I am one of the others. In my opinion Radiohead excelled themselves with the Kid A album. Listening to first song Everything In It’s Right Place and then the title track was initially confusing, but that confusion soon turned to delight at the audible treasure I had found. This song belongs to a terrifically diverse and engaging album and it also finishes it off perfectly. By the way, I’ve just noticed a lot of the songs that I have picked are last tracks on an album. I think there’s something about a finality and an end to greatness that attracts me. There’s a time obsession I have that once a great moment has happened, it can never happen again. It’s a fact that saddens yet pulls me towards things. Motion Picture Soundtrack is one of those things.

Lost In The World (And Who Will Survive in America?) by Kanye West
Kanye is my favourite artist. He is honest. He does what he wants. He is constantly striving for the bigger and the better. He has been beaten down by the press, and he has built himself back up again. He pours his heart and soul into every song he creates. And he treds the line between rapper and tortured singer-songwriter very well. This one is taken from his latest solo album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and is the best possible ending for the album. Lush orchestration, true lyrics, immense production, unparalleled creativity and unwavering dedication. The last part (Who Will Survive In America) samples Gil Scott Heron’s Comment #1, wonderfully summing up the album in a thunderously epic climax. I know this is split into 2 tracks on the official tracklisting, but I’ve put them together here because one simply cannot be listened to without the other. I do not know what draws me to this man. But I know the music he makes is intense, passionate, and has a crashing finality that renders all other music seeming less than apocalyptic, and therefore mundanely safe. He has broken rules, set new standards and taken hip hop to new heights. Kanye has big flaws in his character - yet he turns them around and uses them, exposing the ego and the arrogance, making himself vulnerable, and therefore taking away their power, until all you are left with is the most real and true artist living today. He is the reason why I will be pushing myself past limits and comfort-zones in my own creations. This song, and even more so the album it comes from, is the reason I will be following everything Kanye West does in the future. It is nothing less than a masterpiece. 

George Barnett’s ‘songs that didn’t make the list but could have’ list -
40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love) by Jay-Z
Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips
Futuresex/Lovesounds by Justin Timberlake
Forest by System of a Down
Heart of Gold by Neil Young

Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #7 ~ Zachary Robinson (Swim Deep)
Swim Deep are the princes of b-town bands at the moment, following in the footsteps of fellow Birmingham kings Peace (who just released their debut album to mass critical acclaim); the four are finding their ways onto regular Radio 1 airplay, as well as magazine pages far and wide. Their first London headline show is in two weeks and they’ve got big plans on the horizon. 
The band consists of Austin Williams, Zachary Robinson, Cavan McCarthy, and Higgy. I roped Zach, their skins hitter, into making us a mixtape n it’s full of wavey vibes. 
All music has been placed into another handy 8tracks playlist - see below.  

Diamond Look by TOPS
'He just wants you for your pretty eyes' I was immediately sprung buy these lyrics, I started listening to this band about a month ago, the song magically and unknowingly feeds you with love for them and generously gives you all their energy to dance along. It's very rare I latch onto new music, and I'm not the type to go and buy an album, so it was a weird feeling when I just HAD to buy this album. This is just weird for me, but it managed to arouse me, and now I can’t leave it alone, the girl singer is a BABE, which is always a bonus.

VII Babies by TOPS
Ohio Players’ Love Roller Coaster is the first thing that springs to mind. It’s truly incredible. The atmospheric aspect of the song is so simple but at the same time so detailed. Nothing is made shit by drowning it in reverb, and there’s no sign of any songs recorded on garage band or any other poor quality programmes. They do it properly, She knows exactly what she’s doing. The Madonna influence is one of the main reasons I got into this band. I don’t think I’m going to have the chance to see this band live any time soon, this sucks but a great thing about this band is that from listening to their music I can tell they would be one of the best new live bands I’ve heard for a long time, they will bring an aspect of beauty to their performance with female vocals targeting to make their sound almost innocent yet still messy. In this track the band use lots of samples, samples that sound like nature noises. Nature is nature. Nature is fantastic.  

This Must be the Place by Talking Heads
Party party party, This is 100% my party song. It’s the song I choose over any other song in the world when I get asked to play a song at a party. My best friends also leap straight to the top of my head whenever this song is played. It’s that song that just reminds you of great times. Everyone has that one song they just love this is that song for me. I can’t even begin to describe why I love this song so much, but I love it that way so here’s to the Talking Heads.

Super Stupid by Funkadelic 
Ultimate all time song only 10x catchier. This is a song for me that I just listen to and appreciate so much and imagine how much fun these guys had writing this song. It almost makes me feel as though I knew these people and I knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote this song. They jammed, structured, high fived, then got high. The image that this song puts in my head makes it so much fun for me to listen to, I just smile and laugh when I hear it. A side from this song making me want a hit of the biggest bong ever, the musicality that goes on throughout the song is genius. Oh and Maggot Brain is the best name for an album ever. 

The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson
One of my top 5 videos. 6ft, luscious brown curly hair; skin tight black dress. This woman is ridiculously hot. This women is the one every guy wants. Every guy to have ever seen this woman wants to fuck her. Michael is genius, he does in this video something every guy in the world wishes they could do. He seduces this girl like I’ve never seen a girl being seduced before, yet he doesn’t even speak to her. Ok, he shouts really loud to get her attention but what happens after this is unreal, the first opening lyric and dance routine blows my mind every time I hear/watch this song, even the drum fill and the sound of the drums, everything is perfect, and you can’t help but try and dance like Michael Jackson in this song.  

Steal My Sunshine by Len
The loop, everyone from the age of 13 to the age of 99 knows what this song is, as soon as they hear that loop at the start of this song. This song is everything I love, Groovy loops, California, Hot dogs, Stoner guys, HUV’S, candy floss, beaches and babes. This is just the ultimate pop song in the world. If you don’t like this song then you’re a fucking stoke and that’s all there is too it, the songs called Steal My Sunshine – what’s better than that? Other than the song being absolutely HUGE, the video is everything you want to see if you just listen to the song without viewing the video. It’s fun, energetic, funny and all round just ACE!  

Private Idaho by The B-52’s
Groovy, Funky, sexy, everything you want in a song if you’re a guy, especially when you see the babes shaking their ass and wiggling their hips in their live shows. Fred Schneider is one of my favourite front men to watch, his energy, his dancing and his vocals are just so original and ace. I don’t know another guy out there that has the sort of confidence and stage presence that Fred does (apart from Robert Plant but that’s a different story). It’s such a treat when you search B-52’s live shows on youtube. I think it’s such a hard task for girl backing vocalists to look cool and hot when just standing in one spot singing, but Katie Person does this and does it better than any babe I’ve ever watched. Everything the B-52’s do is just a pleasure to watch and listen to.  

Electric Feel by MGMT
I think these guys made absolutely EVERYTHING cool EVERYTHING. I think they even made being in a band cool. They certainly made me think being in a band was cool. And the fact these guys are still influencing mainstream pop music 5-6 years after their first album came out is unbelievable. Electric feel is one of the warmest song I’ve listened too. It just grabs you and doesn’t let go for a whole 4 minutes. You may agree you may disagree, I don’t care, but I think MGMT are one of THE best bands ever. For two guys to have so much confidence in knowing something would work when its 100% original is truly great. Here’s to the guys.

Freedom at 21 by Jack White
Legend. absolute legend. This guy is a genius. When it comes to writing a song, there’s nothing I haven’t heard/seen this guy do. I think the only way that describes this song and Jack white’s album, and even Jack white in general is that he’s 100% a musical god. I think this guy has everything a ‘musical god’ would have if they existed. I think I chose ‘Freedom at 21’ over any of his other tracks is because it’s one of the songs he plays with his all girl band. Yes, he has songs with guys, and songs with girls. Girl bands rule, well this girl band rule, mainly because it’s fronted by Jack white. The sloppiness yet clean crunchy guitar at the start of this song gets you hooked on it from go! And the psychedelic instrumental that starts around 1:43 in this song throws you around, spins you upside down and spits you out once there done freaking out. Then back into the main hook. 

Warsaw by Warsaw 
I received a rare cd for one of my birthdays off a friend. It was the Warsaw album from Warsaw. I’d heard this track before from off the Joy Division album, but I’d never heard it like this. I didn’t expect it to be any different at all, but when I put the CD on for the first time I was amazed. The tracks that were on this original Warsaw album sounded 100 times bigger, heavier and had more of an impact. The songs where SO gritty and rough, almost sounded like they had recorded the tracks themselves, no mixing no mastering just straight from the studio. The bass shook my speakers and the snare cut through every instrument amazingly. In some of the Joy Division songs I’m sometimes screaming out for them to be less produced and polished, I never find myself listening to their albums as much as I search there live shows on the web. I think overall the more polished, produced sound worked better for the band, but I’m so thankful to hear the tracks untouched by the studio. 

Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #6 ~ Only Real
In terms of new London hype artists, Niall Galvin a.k.a. Only Real is one of my firm favourites and ones to watch over the next coming months - with Zoo Kid vibes and mouthwatering tracks (that’s a pun because his latest song was Cinnamon Toast do you get it). He’s been picked up by blogs far and wide and has been repped formally by Vice and This is Fake DIY. Ask around and people will tell you he’s a cool guy. As per, here’s ten songs he’s gathered together with some, interesting, writings to go with - complete with original spellings.
If you don’t follow him on twitter already then you should, rep real or go home.

Put It On by Big L
Imagine if you had made this tune in 1995 in New York, and you’re in a club in 1995 in New York and it comes on and everyone’s  just completely twisting it up pon the dance floor. Yee you would love it!

Girl Problems by Toro y Moi
“I’ll be fine in the morning when you leave I’l understand” fuckin sad line right there.

Worldwide by Royal Flush
This is the song they use in Keenan Milton’s tribute part in Girl Yeah Right, it’s really cool. Rest In Peace Keenan Milton.

M by The Cure
All this Cure era is obviously wunners.

Wreckonize by Smif n Wessun
Sick video and just a sick tune. I just clocked these two are next to each other, that was a coincidence…

My Heart by Smith Westerns
I was once listening to music in my room with someone and  we were hungover an delirious and hating on bare songs but then this came on and we were like ahh it’s kinda perfect….

Bed and Breakfast Man by Madness
I’ve recorded a version of this song somewhere I think.

Spik and Span by Gordons
Would quite like to have a nose bleed to this number.

Earth by MF Grimm
This guy is so interesting, he’s got his own DC graphic novel about his life. He’s done some unbelievable shit and he’s kind of an underground legend. He got in touch about one of my songs a while back, that was crazy and I liked it.

Redwood Tree by Van Morrison
Sounds like da sun rite?

Hrtbrkr Mixtape collaboration #5 ~ Jack Parker 
Here at hrtbrkr mixtapes we don’t h8, don’t DIS-CRIM-I-N8. We look to the creative demiurgic as more than just a couple of musicians and an artist or two; here with us, we’re all about repping the behind the scenes cool kids - taking your bloggers and promoters and giving them a voice behind those gig posters and radio slots. 
And now that that brief clear up is all over with, commence the description of our next mixtaper - Jack Parker. A Birmingham taste-maker with lanky legs and fluffy hair. Holding up writing commitments with publications far, wide, close to home and not so close to home(?), he’s also manned the new and unsigned show on Scratch radio for the past year; but more recently however is turning his penchant for new music onto promoting - and is hosting a gig aptly named B-town and Beyond. Good, good vibes. 
If ever you get the opportunity to listen to his show then I strongly advise it, his accents and ghetto phrases really are a once in a week kind of deal. 
In what I think took him a day, he compiled the standard 10 track compilation, full of questionable tracks and nice little tales. 
This time we’ve hit up our Soundcloud with this bad boy, for no reason other than 8tracks was being annoying. See below.

Bros by Wolf Alice
Bros is one of those tunes that hypnotizes you, causing you to become instantly nostalgic about what happened a few minutes ago. I found myself weeping with joy over the beans on toast I had just made with my friend Georgia. ‘Bros’ works in a similar way to sunlight in the way that it makes everything it soundtracks so much better.

Rabbits are Roadkill on Route 37 by AFI
I’m not even going to try at all to hide the fact that I love the whole emo/pop-punk realm of music. I used to be a major greebo with long hair and neon skinny jeans. I’m never angry at the world however, and never have been. It’s just that some how; AFI’s feelings of isolation and desperation make me happy. Am I sick for getting pleasure from the suffering of others? Nah. They love the drama really. And so do I.

Too Late to Talk by Mystery Jets
This tune is from one of my favourite all time most excellent bands ever. My ex-girlfriend got me into them and I fell in love with their music as well as their fashion sense. I now try to dress like them. This particular tune is a slow jam from their finest, and possibly most under-rated album: ‘Serotonin’. It’s the album I lost my virginity too. That’s not the only reason I love it but it does contribute.  

Steal My Sunshine by Len 
I was born in the 90s and so pop music from the 90s right through to the early 00s will always been etched into my ear drums. This is one of my favourites from my super happy childhood.

I’d Rather Dance by Kings of Convenience 
Not only is this banger really catchy, it’s my ‘going-out-on-the-town-anthem’. This is simply because I love dancing and I choose it as my main method of communication when out in da club. I’m not superb at small talk and I think you can really get to know some one by the way they bump N grind.

Breathe by Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul
This should be more of a championed smash hit from the past than it is. The way Blu and Sean bounce off eachother (not literally…well…maybe?) is immense and its production makes you want to say: “they don’t make them like they used to!”

So Glad to See You by Hot Chip 
This is a prime example of Hot Chip’s softer side. People complain that Hot Chip don’t make enough party bangers but I think that it’s Hot Chip’s variedness that makes them so original and refreshing. This one plucks on my heart strings a tad too. It also comes from ‘The Warning’ which has the best album cover ever. I have a poster of said album cover on my wall at home.

Drinking in L.A. by Bran Van 3000
The song works just like a dream. As in a real dream where everything is muddled up and confusing. Watch the video too, it is the epitamy of 90s visuals. They were pretty much a one hit wonder and the 90s was the best time for one hit wonders. Has anyone heard their album with the blue rabbit on it? I wanna hear it so bad.

From Now On We Are Enemies by Fall Out Boy 
They are my favourite band because of Patrick Stump’s diva-vocals. He has the best voice in the world and every time I listen to them, I feel really happy that I decided to listen to them. Give Fall Out Boy a chance, they are more than just an emo band for 13 year olds.

Sentimental Heart by She and Him 
I have a slight infatuation with Zooey Deschanel but this is mainly because of She & Him. I think her voice is gorgeous. She is gorgeous. Her voice is gorgeous.

Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #4 ~ Childhood
London is home to some of the best in terms of new and upcoming musicians, and if you’re living in the capital (and have your finger firmly on the musical pulse), then the chances are pretty strong that you’ve had your finger on our next collaborators, Childhood, for quite some time. The London duo are riding the wave of discernible experimental indie acts who pull inspiration from smoking too much weed and watching too many skate videos (am I rite). Needless to say, Childhood are my favourite of them all, and are right on the edge of the radar right now. As always, they were asked to pick ten songs to form this compilation - instead they chose 6 each, stating; “As a bonus we fucked the rules of convention and did 6 songs each”. And with that I leave you with todays mixtape.
All music has been placed into a handy 8tracks playlist. See Below.

Ben’s hot 6 ~
The Noise of Carpet by Stereolab
I love this song because it incorporates everything I like about music. Melody, aggression, and cwazy sounds!

There Was a Time by Lazy Smoke
This song always makes me happy. OK!

On The Beach by Neil Young
This song comes from his most underrated album, ‘On the Beach’. It’s definitely my favourite album of his and one of my favourite albums of all-time. This song stands out for me because of its effortless flow, that captures happiness and sadness so cohesively. Plus it has 3 guitar solos!

Open by The Cure
The lyrics in this song are amazing. I think most people can identify with being repulsed by excess and socialising, so who better to share such a feeling with none of other than Robert Smith.

This is How We Walk on The Moon by Arthur Russell
I have a lot of respect for artists who explore all aspects of their personality. Arthur Russell was definitely someone who wasn’t afraid of doing this, and I think this song perfectly incorporates much his musical ambitions. Polyphonic African rhythms, a repetitive psychedelic pulse and a melodic sense that pays homage to his folk side.

Maybe it’s Better by Whorl
One of my favourite noise pop records. It’s easy to utilise this sound as a way of masking imperfections or melody. However Whorl are one of the few who use this sound as a way of revealing the simplicity and honesty of their music. This track perfectly sums this up and is one of the most infectious riffs I’ve ever heard.

Leo’s hot 6 ~
Miles Apart by A.R. Kane
These guys supposedly invented ‘dreampop’ but I don’t think I believe in the concept of dreampop, but I do wanna start a new band called ‘dream bros’, Ideally with members of viva brother. This song is amazing. Upbeat, joyful, and musta fucked with peoples heads when it came out cos it sounds as fresh today as it did in 1989.

Optimist High by Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen has been in Ariel Pink and Deerhoof in the past but now he’s on a solo mission, straight to centre of my heart. Captured Tracks can do no wrong in my eyes and his debuts gunna be a delight. I love the way this track builds. Best use of ‘ooo’s’ I’ve come across in recent months.

Apocalypse Dreams by Tame Impala
Kevin is a genius but actually every single member of Tame Impala is a genius. I’m so jealous of these guys. It took me 5 listens to understand what was actually happening in this number, but when I did I let out a sigh of relief and shed a tear. When it explodes I wanna crawl inside it.

Pancake by Swirlies
I first heard this song in a skateboarding video when I was maybe 14 but I think it changed my life for the better. Takes me back to when I landed the first 900 at the x games. The soundtracks of skate videos in 2005 knew what was going on.

Rainforest by Paul Hardcastle
This is my new alarm clock. It rouses me from slumber in a really aggressive way at first, but then those gentle chimes, and what I think are pan flutes, get me ready for the day with a spring in my step and a smile upon my face.

My Kind of Woman by Mac DeMarco
Mac is a new obsession of mine, his first E.P was great but this full length is gunna be something else if this track is anything to go by. I love those ever so slightly detuned guitars and Macs wearily romantic croon, it’s effortless and moving. He also is able to bring the creasefest in ways I haven’t seen before.

Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #3 ~ Three Beams a.k.a James Balmont
Three Beams is the musical blog brain child of James Balmont - musician with London hip band Mafia Lights, and now turning his hand to blogging with prowess. Three Beams features all the best of upcoming bands, as well as giving a bang on musical critique of sorts which’ll make you never have to read The Guardian’s music column ever again (unless there’s a particular album you want to read about I mean he doesn’t review everything ever released give the kid a break). I asked him to compile us a list of ten tracks (as always), and this isn’t just full of massive tunes, but also some of the funniest anecdotes I’ve ever come across in the mixtape biz.
All music has been placed into a handy 8tracks playlist. See below.

2 Morro Morro Land by Lightning Bolt
I was pretty much brought up on Kerrang! TV and nu metal. I’ve got so much time for Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. I don’t know how I came across Lightning Bolt but it was so fucking mental I thought I was a right little nutter listening to music like this. I finally got to see them live about 3 or 4years ago and pissed myself in the crowd.

Teenage Angst by Placebo
Placebo’s first album was amazing. I’m pretty sure I first heard this through some kind of music television thing, and a lot of people used to give me shtick for listening to a ‘gay band’, but I always stood by it, and the album’s aesthetic opened loads of doors, helping me discover stuff like Sonic Youth (a major influence on Placebo’s debut), and Pixies afterwards.

Sheena Is A Parasite by The Horrors
When Sheena came out I had just turned 15 years old and the Myspace era was reaching its peak. It was pretty much the most exciting musical era of my life. Sam Kilcoyne had just started Underage Club (now Underage Festival), which was basically all about getting all the sick new bands to play daytime gigs exclusively for under-18s, and I’m pretty sure that it was The Horrors’ engagement with these events that got them all the hype… those gigs back in the day were absolutely amazing, we were all obsessed with them, and it was through these fucking cool guys, and Underage Club, and all these young kids like Sam, that that a whole new world of music was suddenly opened up to us.

Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine
I used to be friends with one of Faris Badwan’s brothers, and it was pretty much thanks to Faris’ handed down record collections that I got into half the music I listen to today. This was the first taste I ever had of ‘shoegaze’. It was a great day when I realised that My Bloody Valentine were actually amazing, after having dismissed them for months thinking that everyone was talking about Bullet For My Valentine.

Metal Fingers in my Body by Add (N) to X
I can’t remember how we managed this one, but somehow we got invited to a kind of huge party in 2007 when Mute Records’s offices were about to be demolished or something. It was like a huge office block where you could do whatever you want, and us kids brought a load of spacehoppers with us and had the most bouncingest time of our lives whilst people like Moby were smashing leftover records and having fire extinguisher fights.

Four Minute Warning by Radiohead
I got in trouble for bunking off college after a friend rang me to say that Radiohead were playing a surprise free gig at Rough Trade East in 2007 or 2008. We didn’t even get in because it was so over-subscribed - I can’t even remember if they even played, but that album remains to be one of the most influential records of my life, and I never tire of it. Their finest hour.

You’re Gonna Miss Me by The 13th Floor Elevators
God bless Dads who own a copy of Nuggets. When I was about 16 I remember coming across a very colourful record in my Dad’s collection, it really stood out amongst the likes of Tom Waits, David Bowie, Roxy Music - and it was one of the most rewarding listens of my life. I’ve been in love with psychedelic music ever since, and this track, arguably the song that started the whole ‘60s psychedelic movement, is still one of the best there has ever been.

The Lung by Dinosaur Jr
Aside from keeping it real with Queens Of The Stone Age (great band), I ditched most of my Kerrang bands for other music. When I came across You’re Living All Over Me by Dinosaur Jr I realised that massive guitar solos and ridiculous wah effects were actually the fucking bomb. This song contains one of the best guitar solos in any song ever.

Open Heart Surgery by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Brian Jonestown Massacre are one of my all-time favourite bands. After I finished college I spent a good year working my arse off and smoking weed with my friends as we honed our music tastes by listening to an unearthly mass of albums. We managed to exhaust their entire discography without ever becoming bored. I must have watched ‘Dig!’ about 15 times that year too.

Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit
The sound of a generation.

Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #2 ~ Kendra a.k.a. Unadoptable

Tumblr has provided a platform worldwide for artists to showcase their talents and offerings, and for some it’s been a move which has thrown them head first into the spotlight; perhaps most one of the most benefited of teen illustrators is Kendra - the girl behind unadoptable. Her work’s been spotted by Urban Outfitters on their blog, and her drawings have thousands of notes and reblogs. We managed to steal her away from the drawing utensils, to compile us a mix of songs which have some form of that wonderful thing known as sentimental value. Enjoy!
All music has been placed into a handy 8tracks playlist. See below. 

I am the child of two music geeks. My parents met while my dad was working at a record store. Music is always playing at my house. Memories and music are intertwined. The tunes on this playlist are associated with good times.

On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz 
The summer of 2010 was dedicated to the Gorillaz. We had a family trip to go see the band. We wanted to see Mick Jones from the Clash, Little Dragon and the charming Damon Albarn.

Kick Push by Lupe Fiasco
I like songs that tell stories. This song has great narrative.

Oblivion by Grimes
As well as a musician, Grimes is a visual artist. She is such an inspiration to the artwork I create. For me, this song sounds very spiritual and whimsical.

Another Girl, Another Planet by The Only Ones
The perfect love song.

Blank Maps by Cold Specks 
This summer I saw Cold Specks playing at Hillside. I have a “soul-crush” on Specks.

If My Friends Could See Me Now from the musical Sweet Charity 
A few years ago, I went with my mom and sister to England. Each of us payed £10 to go see the musical Sweet Charity. We were up in the nose-bleed seats, but we had a fabulous time. When this song comes on it makes me want to put on a top hat and dance around.

1234 by Feist
I saw Feist in the waiting room at the vets with her two dogs.

These Days by Nico
I could spend all my days listing to the heavy-hearted tones of Nico.

My Generation by Patti Smith (live track from Horses)
When my parents visited New York in the late ’90s, my Mum told my Dad to go to the corner store and buy milk. I was a little baby at the time (with crazy hair) and my dad carried me in the sling. When he went into the store, and he saw Patti Smith. My Dad went up to Patti and said he was a big fan. She looked at my hair, patted my head and said I was cute.

Police and Thieves by The Clash 
It was hard to choose a song by the clash. I watched a great documentary by Don Letts called Westway to the World. In the documentary Letts talked about how the Clash were influenced by different forms of music, including reggae. This is a great political anthem.

xo Kendra!

Hrtbrkr Mixtapes collaboration #1 ~ NZCA/Lines

NZCA/Lines is the electronic project of Michael Lovett - taking inspiration and finding muses in RnB and 90s Aaliyah. His debut album was a sensual mix of desire and lust, with a hint of nerdy desperation and longing. I managed to bag Lovett to make us a ten song playlist, and to tell us a bit about his choices. A good adjective to describe the mix? Smooth. 
This post is embedded with a handy soundcloud mix which flows as one 40-minute wonder, or in an 8tracks playlist so you can listen to each song individually. See below. 

"After re-watching Interstella 5555 I have become persuaded by all things smooth and soulful. It is now clear to me that every collection of songs must have a full-length animated film set to them. This mix reflects that passion” 
- Michael Lovett 

Something About Us by Daft Punk
Behind The Mask by Yellow Magic Orchestra
I Want You For Myself by George Duke
The Socialites by Dirty Projectors
Climax by Usher
Club Soda by Thomas Bangalter
Rubber Band by The Trammps
Dance Floor by Zapp
It’s So Different Here by Rachel Sweet
I’m Corrupt by Kid Creole